Nuvega Lash Serum: Having long and thicker eye lashes makes one’s appearance better overall. You will agree on my point that eyelashes make or break the appearance of a girl. In response of this more products are available in markets that claim to improve the length, width and longevity of eyelashes. This is because most of the people look into other eyes while talking, observing other’s eye shapes, color and obviously the length and detail of other’s eye shapes.

It seems too much tough to pick the best brand that claims to make more beautiful eyes if you have sheer amount of options available. Fortunately for buyers worldwide this problem is no longer exists. With the emergence of third-party shopping a buyer can research on any product in advance and may have information about the brand one makes commitment to buy.

One product that has marvelous comments on sites is Nuvega lashes, a product that has specifically been manufactured to help the users to get long and thick eyelashes.

What is Nuvega lash?

Nuvega is a new and unknown extension in the series and range of eyelashes cosmetics. Till date numberless users have enjoyed the benefits of Nuvega lash serum. They reported that eyelashes become twice long and strong after using this brand.

This is a European brand of eyelashes supplement and for the privilege of trying the product one may spend eighty Euros. If you are the residency of certain countries within Europe you may enjoy the free trial pack. While overseas customers may be charged additional taxes and custom duty.

Nuvega Lash Serum can be purchased on brand’s website. You just have to place an order on brand’s website and get your order. Besides these it is also available at nearby stores of specific pharmacies.

Nuvega Lash Serum benefits:

  • Lengthen and strengthen the lashes
  • Look more natural than falsies
  • Thicken the lashes at the base
  • Combination of natural vegan ingredients
  • Improve the growth at the follicles
  • Revitalized eyelashes
  • 50% darker, thicker lashes in just 4-8 weeks
  • Naturally nourish the lashes
  • Acts as replenish lost growth to your eyelashes

Pure and natural ingredients of Nuvega Lash Serum:

Now the question that arises is that what makes this serum so much effective and especial? Fundamentally the formula consists of bio-peptides and vitamins. It is triple lash action formula that uses the power of its natural ingredients and grows the lashes to peak length. The peptides that are the main and vital component of this serum strengthen and stimulate the follicle growth. They promote a long cycle growth in follicle that results in longer and thicker lashes. As your body needs vitamins to grow and be strong and healthy, just like our lashes do. Nuvega lash serum is just right formula.

Is Nuvega Lash Serumsafe to use?

Nuvega is clinically tested and proven. Its ones a day application is proven effective. This serum is paraben, alcohol and miner oils free.

How it is better than other eyelashes products?

Long, thick and dense eyelashes make you beautiful that are so important for any woman’s self esteem and elegance. It is a fact that overall health and quality of lashes dwindle with the passage of time. Most of the women have short lashes naturally. A number of women use artificial lashes to have great look and appearance. But this needs sufficient time to apply and may be expensive. Eye lashes extension makes it difficult for any woman to sleep. Therefore Nuvega serum is the best solution to get long, thick and dense lashes.

It’s all natural ingredients and vital nutrients work together to restore the thickness, density and volume of your lashes. This serum is clinically proven to treat the damage. It boosts the growth presenting beautiful and long eyelashes and also protects them from external damage.

How can I apply Nuvega Lash Serum?

To achieve longer, thicker and stronger lashes you must follow the following steps on consistent basis:

  • Before applying this formula, make sure that you have removed the eye makeup.
  • After removing the makeup, apply a thin layer of Nuvega lash serum on upper and bottom eyelashes.
  • Leave the product for 3-5 minutes so it may absorb into your skin and give you its ultimate results.

 A few things that you must know before using this brand

  • Don’t accept if the seal is broken already
  • Use this serum as directed and avoid its overuse
  • Keep it in cool and dry place
  • Avoid direct application with inflamed skin


With the help of its consistent use you may have long and amazing looking lashes that don’t even need makeup or falsies. This is clinically proven serum that has no nasty or side effects around your sensitive eyes. Profoundly this serum changes your lashes for good. It also conditions your lashes that results in preventing breakage. So it keeps eyelashes flexible. Now you have a convenient way to permanently strengthen and grow lashes. So place an order right now to enjoy all the advantages of this serum. And experience a noticeable growth in your lashes.

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